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Take the Next Step in Your Business Transformation with Oracle and IoT

What was once science fiction is now reality. Sensor, devices, and equipment are connected in ways that could only be imagined in previous decades — allowing individuals and businesses to manage an ever-increasingly complex world with ease. Business performance is taken to new heights when internet of things (IoT) technology becomes a part of the […]

Top 5 Reasons to Choose Oracle to Protect Your Data

New security challenges designed to put your business at risk are constantly being added to the cyber-landscape. You need to protect your infrastructure, databases, applications, users, and mobile environment from the ever-changing and evolving creativity of hackers trying to gain access to your information. However, many companies continue to use outdated systems or fail to […]

Blockchain – The Future of Business Financial Transactions Has Arrived

Financial security is essential to every business, but it’s difficult to assess. Ask yourself, how do you ensure that invoices are paid on time, purchases are properly approved, and fraud isn’t taking place? Whatever your current systems, it’s time to investigate blockchain. Blockchain technology provides a virtually impenetrable accounting system for every business, regardless of […]

Enlist a Cloud MSP to Help Drive Business Success

When it comes to managing your IT infrastructure, do you rely on internal employees alone to keep it going? And if so, are you truly maximizing your employees’ talents while successfully meeting your company’s IT demands? If you’re a small or medium-sized business that doesn’t currently work with a cloud managed services provider (MSP), then […]

Is Your System Secure? 5 Benefits of an Infrastructure System Assessment

Conducting an infrastructure system assessment is a bit like getting an oil change. We know we’re supposed to change the oil in our cars, yet the due date comes and goes, and the job falls to the bottom of our to-do list as more time-sensitive matters take precedence. However, delaying this simple and inexpensive task […]

Are You Leveraging the Power of the Cloud?

The debate between public and private clouds continues to dominate the tech landscape as services continue to evolve. You may believe that private cloud services are more secure, reliable, and cost-effective than public cloud solutions. In the past, this was true; however, the rapid development of technology has shown that this is no longer the […]

Data in Disparate Servers? 5 Steps to Consolidate Your Data

Organization is a core trait of any successful business. Knowing where things are, how to access them, and keeping a system of order are all important — especially when it comes to data management. It’s common for companies to store data on both cloud and internal servers. Unfortunately, even if data is well-maintained, having two […]

What Does Oracle’s Blockchain Cloud Service Mean for the Future of Business?

In the last three years, inventors filed more than 2,300 patents involving the word ‘blockchain,’ with exponentially more expected as this technology goes mainstream. However, blockchain is still in its earliest stages of practical application. It’s expanding beyond Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies — where it first gained traction — into a more legitimate light as […]

Tech Trends: Artificial Intelligence

Since its invention in the 1950s, the visionaries of artificial intelligence (AI) predicted incredible and — at the time — outlandish capabilities for machine thinking. The technology has been around for sixty years, but the last decade has started to deliver on the wild speculations of yesteryear. Why is AI just now starting to live […]

What Should You Look for In Your Oracle Cloud Partner?

Choosing the right cloud services provider (CSP) isn’t the only factor to success when moving your operations to the cloud. Finding the right partner to optimize and manage these tools can make a huge difference in your implementation of and growth in the cloud. In the case of Oracle — or any cloud software provider, […]