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Is Your Data Safe? Know for Sure with a Security Audit

Is your company and customer data safe? If you cannot answer this question with a resounding “Yes!” — it’s high time for a security audit! You can hardly turn on the news lately without hearing of a security failure. Take the huge Equifax breach, for example. These incidents result in data losses for millions of […]

Launch Your Business Intelligence Initiative with a Bang: Build Your BI Road Map

As we look to the future of computing in the era of big data, one major hot topic continues to surface: business intelligence. Business intelligence (BI) refers to the ability to leverage incredible amounts of data by gathering, organizing, and analyzing it. This enables business executives and IT professionals to make strategic decisions and gain […]

Disparate Enterprise Applications and Data? Time to Integrate!

Data is only valuable if all who need it can quickly and easily access it — including remote employees, other databases and systems, in-house team members, and more. One hurdle in effectively leveraging organizational data is when different platforms or databases house different pieces of the puzzle and are unable to communicate with one another. […]

Build Better Business Intelligence with Smarter Data Warehousing

Collecting and safely storing business data isn’t enough. How you leverage the data is what matters. Finding the best way to mine yours and turn it into actionable information is key in the digital era, and utilizing that data to your benefit is what can empower you and your fellow executives to make smarter business […]

Does Your Business Collect Sensitive Data? Keep It Secure with These 5 Steps!

Is your data secure? If you can’t answer this question with a resounding, yes, keep reading. Today, you can hardly turn on the news without hearing about another security breach resulting in stolen personal information and financial losses. The average breach costs over $7 million in addition to incalculable damage to consumer trust, brand image, […]

7 Factors to Consider When Choosing an MSP for Your Business

As company executives fight to compete in the digital age, many are finding IT and data solutions costly and challenging to fully manage in-house. Many have found the most successful and cost-effective solution is to partner with a managed services provider (MSP). What do MSPs do? MSPs are third-party partners company executives collaborate with for […]

It’s Elastic! Scale Up — or Down — with Oracle Cloud eCommerce Solutions

It’s no secret online sales are on the rise in the United States, and most agree they will account for more and more sales in the future. As a retailer, your ability to keep up with this trend and provide your consumers with a safe, reliable online storefront is critical. To achieve these results, many […]

Improve Uptime: Get the Data You Need When You Need It with Oracle Cloud

Picture this: Potential customers are trying to access your systems or purchase your products, but they simply cannot because the data won’t load. We’ve all been there, and we know just how annoying it can be. In fact, you have just three seconds to hook a customer with your website, and as many as 40% […]

Protect Your Data with Oracle Cloud Identity Management and Data Access Systems

Ensuring data security and giving users practical tools to manage said data is a top Oracle Cloud user priority. One of the ways the Oracle Cloud ecosystem accomplishes this is through Oracle Identity Management and Access Management solutions. In fact, the user management system in Oracle Cloud has become one of its most valuable features […]

Will I Lose My Data in the Cloud?

If you’ve ever heard the figurative “POOF!” and felt the associated massive headache of misplacing data somewhere over the network, you know the data loss nightmare is real. Leaders of businesses of all sizes experience nervousness about moving to the cloud because of this very fear. However, with built-in Oracle Cloud data redundancies and backup […]